Ignore the NRA

Okay, so now people and companies are picking on the NRA (the National Rifle Association) and a number of large corporations have severed ties with the NRA. and the NRA is mad at them.

Yawn. So what. Business deals come and go. There are plenty that will commingle with the NRA. MANY won’t. Yawn. Who cares.

Personally I feel the NRA has lost its purpose and is strictly a political association and it has lost its common sense. We need a certain amount of gun control, especially to keep certain people from accessing guns. I feel the NRA is too powerful and simply opposes all gun control issues, which in my opinion is ludicrous.

Let’s spend time on important issues. Ignore the NRA and its political dealings.

Thanks for reading. Resume normal programing.


Stricter Gun Laws? NO.

Okay, some of you will dislike me. I am opposed to stricter gun laws in the United States. Why? After ALL those mass killings? Well because all stricter gun laws will do is make it harder to get guns, and hurt legitimate people who have a constitutional right to guns.

In the last two years or so, around the world there have been more and more killings by simply driving vehicles, cars and trucks, into crowds of people. So, will we ban all vehicles or write more vehicle controls into our laws?

It is not possible to ban any substance. Look at what happened when we tried to ban alcohol in the US. It was called prohibition and was a miserable failure, but made millionaires of many people, such as Joseph Kennedy, JFK’s daddy.

It is not about guns, it is about human behavior. It is about accountability. The current population if the United States is approximately 327 million folks. So, one here and one there commit a serious crime with a gun. Does that mean we take all guns away from everyone? Or limit them? That’s silly.

I believe in the USA, and I believe in the Pledge of Allegiance and especially with the ending, “with liberty and justice for all.” That’s everyone of every race and color, and gay or straight or bisexual, and so on. Smart or dumb, city or country. Let freedom ring. And so shall it ring with our rights. I do believe each and every crime is wrong and of course that includes the mass shootings and killings, but don’t take guns away unless we are going to take away all hammers, knives, cars, and trucks because if used wrong, they can hurt and kill.

Peace be with all of us.

Do Your Job

So the FBI got a tip in January about the 19-year-old shooter at the school in Florida and failed to forward the tip to the Florida FBI office. I suppose it’s possible if they had investigated they might have prevented the shooting. As usual, the FBI says it will investigate to see where the problem is.

What I ask EVERYONE is, regardless of what your job is, to DO YOUR JOB. PERIOD. Whatever your job is, do it to the standards required. It’s very simple. Sometimes it’s hard, but do your job. Regardless if you work in the public or private sector, Do Your Job.

That’s it for today. Please, please, please, Do Your Job.

PS: I NEVER mention the names of criminals or suspected criminals. I do not believe in giving them credibility. I believe they should remain anonymous. And if they turn out to be innocent, then I didn’t contribute to maligning their names.

Snoopy for President in 2020

I propose that Snoopy run for president of the United States. Wait, don’t hang up; listen to me.

Snoopy has the credentials. He’s been a college professor, is a war veteran, been captured by the enemy, is a practicing attorney (okay, don’t hold being a lawyer against him), is a world-respected physician, a golf pro, and author.

He’s old enough and never had a scandal and has no political affiliations and thus has no favors owed to big corporations.

He’s loved my millions of people.

So, I’m going to write a letter to Snoopy and ask him to run. I will support him emotionally and financially. He can’t do worse than what we have in office now, not that Hillary would have done better. This nation IS ready for a female president, but not Hillary. How about Oprah Winfrey, in case Snoopy won’t run?

Thanks for listening.

Success Fighting Cancer?

I’m often skeptical with claims of cancer studies but I’m impressed with this story by Dr. Michael Gregor of Nutrition Facts, a great website. In an 8-minute video, Dr. Gregor tells us:

In the year 1701, doctors, for what there were of doctors then, noted spontaneous tumor regressions after patients had a variety of infections. The theory was the infections riled the immune system catching the cancer in the crossfire.

In 1868 doctors, far more advanced, began intentionally infecting cancer patients. They did it again in 1891. A few patients died from the infections, but what the hell, science marches on. The big issue is the tumors shrunk. Yay.

Doctors discovered that a fiber in baker’s, brewer’s and nutritional yeast (an item called beta-glucans) seemed to work against cancers and you only need a tiny bit of the stuff.

A test: 23 women with breast cancer were given 1/16th of a teaspoon of nutritional yeast and their white blood cells increased by 50%, but that was just a 2-week study.

It’s proven that beta-glucans help with healing and they worked for leg ulcers and pediatric burns via topical applications. Oral yeast beta-glucans caused dramatic tumor shrinkage in mice.

In the one English language study done, 20 patients with advanced cancer who were also on chemo were given an oral beta-glucan supplement. In Japan there are more than 20 studies done using oral beta-glucans and they all resulted in “Positive effects on survival and quality of life”.

Regarding those with inoperable end stage cancer, one in twenty live past three months. In the beta-glucan group, MOST lived past three months and 43% were still alive after six months. That’s impressive. There is a question as to how the people were assigned to control and treatment groups, but the bottom line is this is, in my humble opinion, critical information. There are no side effects to the beta-glucans. You get it from the food product nutritional yeast, which I use in my vegan cooking.

So, if this helps anyone, I’d be ecstatic. If you know anyone with cancer, pass this on. Here is the link to the 8-minute video: Yeast to Fight Cancer



Hillary Clinton Speaking Fees

If you missed it, this week there was a prominent interview with Hillary Clinton on TV by, I think, Diane Sawyer. Anyway, some time was spent to ask Ms. Clinton about the speaking fees she and her husband, former US president Bill C, are getting.

Really? Who cares. That’s been going on for decades or centuries. If someone is willing to pay and another is willing to deliver, who cares? Is or was the same flap being made about famous males?

I’m not a fan of Ms. Clinton. Never voted for her. Don’t like her. BUT, I am ALL for equality, less drama, and more common sense. We live in a capitalistic society. Get over it. Move on.

Thank you for ‘listening’.

Just Do It

I believe in common sense.

I’m not alone. I know that with everything I think, feel, or experience I’m not alone. Remember that when you get down on yourself, feel alone, or wonder how you could have done what ever it is that’s upsetting you.

We often spend too much time thinking about things. This is often the result of ‘Monday-morning-quarterbacking’. Actions, ideas, and goals are like a loaf of bread (Yes, I’ve been baking). Prepare, consider options, and then JUST DO IT.

You will either fail or succeed. If you take no action you are guaranteed to fail. If you follow directions the odds are you will win (succeed). If it’s not perfect, pat yourself on the back for the success and see how it can be better. Avoid berating yourself because it was good but not perfect.

Oh, when you are in the position to criticize others, look in the mirror after you do so. And remember, that could be you on the hot seat.

Compassion, respect, and understanding go a long way in human interactions.

With my respect and friendship,