Success Fighting Cancer?

I’m often skeptical with claims of cancer studies but I’m impressed with this story by Dr. Michael Gregor of Nutrition Facts, a great website. In an 8-minute video, Dr. Gregor tells us:

In the year 1701, doctors, for what there were of doctors then, noted spontaneous tumor regressions after patients had a variety of infections. The theory was the infections riled the immune system catching the cancer in the crossfire.

In 1868 doctors, far more advanced, began intentionally infecting cancer patients. They did it again in 1891. A few patients died from the infections, but what the hell, science marches on. The big issue is the tumors shrunk. Yay.

Doctors discovered that a fiber in baker’s, brewer’s and nutritional yeast (an item called beta-glucans) seemed to work against cancers and you only need a tiny bit of the stuff.

A test: 23 women with breast cancer were given 1/16th of a teaspoon of nutritional yeast and their white blood cells increased by 50%, but that was just a 2-week study.

It’s proven that beta-glucans help with healing and they worked for leg ulcers and pediatric burns via topical applications. Oral yeast beta-glucans caused dramatic tumor shrinkage in mice.

In the one English language study done, 20 patients with advanced cancer who were also on chemo were given an oral beta-glucan supplement. In Japan there are more than 20 studies done using oral beta-glucans and they all resulted in “Positive effects on survival and quality of life”.

Regarding those with inoperable end stage cancer, one in twenty live past three months. In the beta-glucan group, MOST lived past three months and 43% were still alive after six months. That’s impressive. There is a question as to how the people were assigned to control and treatment groups, but the bottom line is this is, in my humble opinion, critical information. There are no side effects to the beta-glucans. You get it from the food product nutritional yeast, which I use in my vegan cooking.

So, if this helps anyone, I’d be ecstatic. If you know anyone with cancer, pass this on. Here is the link to the 8-minute video: Yeast to Fight Cancer




Hillary Clinton Speaking Fees

If you missed it, this week there was a prominent interview with Hillary Clinton on TV by, I think, Diane Sawyer. Anyway, some time was spent to ask Ms. Clinton about the speaking fees she and her husband, former US president Bill C, are getting.

Really? Who cares. That’s been going on for decades or centuries. If someone is willing to pay and another is willing to deliver, who cares? Is or was the same flap being made about famous males?

I’m not a fan of Ms. Clinton. Never voted for her. Don’t like her. BUT, I am ALL for equality, less drama, and more common sense. We live in a capitalistic society. Get over it. Move on.

Thank you for ‘listening’.

Just Do It

I believe in common sense.

I’m not alone. I know that with everything I think, feel, or experience I’m not alone. Remember that when you get down on yourself, feel alone, or wonder how you could have done what ever it is that’s upsetting you.

We often spend too much time thinking about things. This is often the result of ‘Monday-morning-quarterbacking’. Actions, ideas, and goals are like a loaf of bread (Yes, I’ve been baking). Prepare, consider options, and then JUST DO IT.

You will either fail or succeed. If you take no action you are guaranteed to fail. If you follow directions the odds are you will win (succeed). If it’s not perfect, pat yourself on the back for the success and see how it can be better. Avoid berating yourself because it was good but not perfect.

Oh, when you are in the position to criticize others, look in the mirror after you do so. And remember, that could be you on the hot seat.

Compassion, respect, and understanding go a long way in human interactions.

With my respect and friendship,


Book Referral: Pretty Boy Dead

It’s a bit rare that I like a story so much to recommend it. This is one of those times. I’m a realist and have trouble suspending believe, something often expected of the public regardless if it’s a reader or TV watcher or movie attendee. Quite frankly, in my opinion, there’s a lot of crap out there.

As a retired police officer I avoid police and legal type entertainment, especially books, because TV and movies get it wrong and most authors (my opinion) get their police and legal scenes from those sources, ergo, crap. I dislike characters who leap tall buildings with a single bound (a line for the old Superman TV show).

Author Jon Michaelsen got it right. He did research to validate his police scenes while innoculating his thriller with hooks to keep you reading (my opinion). I met Jon via a now-deceased e-publisher (the company; not the owner). Jon and I live 3,000 miles away and know each other via publishing, so I can say we’re friendly but not friends. Even if we were friends, I’d give my honest opinion. If I thought his book was crap I’d say so (politely) or say nothing. Jon’s characters are well-done whether you love or hate them. I think you’ll like this mystery. You’ll be glad you read it!

Bottom line: Pretty Boy Dead is a wonderful book and kept me turning pages. As an author, I put off my work to read Jon’s. That’s a rare event. The publisher’s blurb is accurate so I won’t repeat it here except for the opening:

A murdered (gay) male stripper. A missing go-go dancer. A city councilman on the hook. Can Atlanta homicide detective Sergeant Kendall Parker solve the heinous crime and remain safely behind the closet door?

Here’s the link:

Good for the Boy Scouts of America

What a wonderful treat! This morning the New York Times greeted me with an article reporting the Boy Scouts voted to allow openly gay youth members.

This has been a long time in coming. I’m reminded of similar events in history that allowed Blacks into the ranks of White organizations. Many encouraged it, some bemoaned the soon-to-occur demise of society. Black people were born black. Gays, lesbians and bisexuals were likewise born that way.

I’m reminded of singer Garth Brooks’ song, We Shall Be Free. Also of singer John Lennon, former Beatle, and his song, Imagine.

I encourage the Boy Scouts to allow non-straight adults/leaders, but I understand change comes a step at a time. It’s difficult for those of us who see the wisdom and commons sense in equality, but we must understand it’s  difficult for those opposed to it.



Sexual Identity Rating Scale

So many of us struggle with internal issues such as ‘do I want to go into law or medicine’ or ‘where shall I live’, ‘am I gay/lesbian, straight or bisexual.’ Some societies are addicted to yes or no, black or white. How about a hybrid? Some can be a plumber and electrician; be a switch hitter in baseball; play offense and defense in football, so why are we propelled to declare one sexual identity? Here is my rating scale.Sincerely,


Note: Place yourself on the Bi Gauge based on what the sexual attraction is in your heart and mind. There is nothing to hide here. You can be free and honest.

         If you are not sure of which number to pick, say 4 or 5, close your eyes, take a deep breath and let your inner adviser whisper to you. It will become clear as to which number to choose.

0 = Totally straight. Only interested in the opposite gender. No thoughts or internal stirring for your own side.

1 = In your life there might have been a few people of your own gender that have excited you sexually.

2 = Periodically (up to four times per year) there is someone of your own gender either in person, on TV or in a movie or video that creates a sexual heat in you.

3 = Your sexual attraction for your own gender is between periodic and regular.

4 = You have regular sexual excitement for your own team but less than half of the time.

5 = The balance point. Your sexual thoughts, interests and stirrings are equally weighed between both men and women.

6 = You have regular sexual excitement for your own team and it is more than half of the time.

7 = Your sexual attraction for the other gender is between periodic and regular.

8 = Periodically (up to four times per year) there is someone of the opposite gender either in person, on TV or in a movie or video that creates a sexual heat in you.

9 = There might have been a few people of the opposite gender that has excited you sexually

10 = Totally gay/lesbian. Only interested in your own gender. No thoughts or internal stirring for the other side.

Fucking the Cook: North Dakota Oil Fields


Being bisexual means I float between ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ (men; women), just like the tides change, yin and yang and night and day. I was in the mood to be a cum dump, which prompted the short story, “Fucking the Cook”, published as many others have been, by the awesome gang at

That will either show up as a hyperlink or I’ve screwed it up again. Sorry.

Fantasies are great as well as Asian guys. I’ve baked them together into a story of a sexy, fem guy who hires himself to cook for 4 roughnecks (oil field workers) in the barren, and woman-starved North Dakota fields. What happens when normally heterosexual men have near-zero women around? Well, that’s why the term, any port in the storm, or, hey, do a bud a favor.

This is the most sex-filled story I have ever written and my publisher has seen fit to sell it under its “Stroke” line. Yes, that means you will likely take yourself in hand as you read. I’m talking to more than men; we know many women buy erotic fiction!

As I like to write, there are a few twists in the story, but I won’t tell here. (Yes, I’m a tease.) For $2.99 I promise a good time and a happy ending!Sincerely,