Hello world!

Hello World!

This will appeal to a small number of folks, but I’m offering insight, sometimes humor and a frequent wise-ass attitude on life. Since the alias I chose is “Bi Writer” many posts will involve sexual identity, specifically bisexuality. I feel it’s suffers from low respect from the world and that includes straight (heterosexual) society and sometimes gays and lesbians.

I love to write and share. I hereby render stellar support and respect, most certainly respect, for two publishers:

http://www.rdrpublishers.com who published my first book in 2009, on wisdom and common sense (Under my legal name of Jim Giambrone, Jr. Yes, I’m out as being bi.) Mr. Robert Reed has been publishing for 40 years. The author contract I signed required that we have fun!

http://loveyoudivine.com/  As with the above publisher, respect for authors and their works is high on the required list. If you want hot, well-written erotic stories check this place out. Yes, I have a dozen or so there. They launched their bisexual line with my first erotic story! BLUSH.

And thanks to WordPress for making blogs so easy.

Thanks for visiting. Respect and understanding, even when we disagree is critical to the survival of our species. Different is not wrong. Just because any discrimination or prejudice has existed for a long time does not mean it has to continue. Break the chain: Respect!

Sincerely, with my Respect and Friendship,

David Sullivan