New Bisexual Story

I’m proud of myself. I have a new story out.

Growing up I’d heard that pride is sinful. I now believe pride is akin to every other aspect, tool, or attribute: there’s a balance. Some pride is excellent. If it gets out of hand and becomes excessive it’s a negative.

Anyway, my story. It’s called Hearts United. It was published as an 8-part story and now that it’s finished my awesome publisher brought it together as a complete story. It’s available in print, or digital formats…..ohhhh, such an array of choices.

It’s about a young, Italian lad, 2nd generation, in San Jose, Califoria, circa 2002. Joshua, or commonly called Josh, is handsome, multi-talented, respected and bisexual. His dad is great and his mom a pill, filled with stress and an unhealthy relationship with death. Over a few years Josh collects an array of friends and sometimes friends with benefits. He falls in love with his best friend, and neighbor, Rachael, who, once she learns that Josh goes both ways accepts and nurtures him.

Ah, so much to talk about. There’s the tea trade (public bathroom) hook up that turns into a great friend for Josh. Cole also struggles with his bi-ness (I invented that word, thank you.) After some rejection by Rachel, they warm to each other, and all three end up in bed, including with a role-play scene. Josh also goes through a period of being loved by a rich cougar who leaves him when it’s clear he’s in love with Rachael.

I believe in short blogs so this is it. Please check it out: