Book Referral: Pretty Boy Dead

It’s a bit rare that I like a story so much to recommend it. This is one of those times. I’m a realist and have trouble suspending believe, something often expected of the public regardless if it’s a reader or TV watcher or movie attendee. Quite frankly, in my opinion, there’s a lot of crap out there.

As a retired police officer I avoid police and legal type entertainment, especially books, because TV and movies get it wrong and most authors (my opinion) get their police and legal scenes from those sources, ergo, crap. I dislike characters who leap tall buildings with a single bound (a line for the old Superman TV show).

Author Jon Michaelsen got it right. He did research to validate his police scenes while innoculating his thriller with hooks to keep you reading (my opinion). I met Jon via a now-deceased e-publisher (the company; not the owner). Jon and I live 3,000 miles away and know each other via publishing, so I can say we’re friendly but not friends. Even if we were friends, I’d give my honest opinion. If I thought his book was crap I’d say so (politely) or say nothing. Jon’s characters are well-done whether you love or hate them. I think you’ll like this mystery. You’ll be glad you read it!

Bottom line: Pretty Boy Dead is a wonderful book and kept me turning pages. As an author, I put off my work to read Jon’s. That’s a rare event. The publisher’s blurb is accurate so I won’t repeat it here except for the opening:

A murdered (gay) male stripper. A missing go-go dancer. A city councilman on the hook. Can Atlanta homicide detective Sergeant Kendall Parker solve the heinous crime and remain safely behind the closet door?

Here’s the link:


Good for the Boy Scouts of America

What a wonderful treat! This morning the New York Times greeted me with an article reporting the Boy Scouts voted to allow openly gay youth members.

This has been a long time in coming. I’m reminded of similar events in history that allowed Blacks into the ranks of White organizations. Many encouraged it, some bemoaned the soon-to-occur demise of society. Black people were born black. Gays, lesbians and bisexuals were likewise born that way.

I’m reminded of singer Garth Brooks’ song, We Shall Be Free. Also of singer John Lennon, former Beatle, and his song, Imagine.

I encourage the Boy Scouts to allow non-straight adults/leaders, but I understand change comes a step at a time. It’s difficult for those of us who see the wisdom and commons sense in equality, but we must understand it’s  difficult for those opposed to it.



Sexual Identity Rating Scale

So many of us struggle with internal issues such as ‘do I want to go into law or medicine’ or ‘where shall I live’, ‘am I gay/lesbian, straight or bisexual.’ Some societies are addicted to yes or no, black or white. How about a hybrid? Some can be a plumber and electrician; be a switch hitter in baseball; play offense and defense in football, so why are we propelled to declare one sexual identity? Here is my rating scale.Sincerely,


Note: Place yourself on the Bi Gauge based on what the sexual attraction is in your heart and mind. There is nothing to hide here. You can be free and honest.

         If you are not sure of which number to pick, say 4 or 5, close your eyes, take a deep breath and let your inner adviser whisper to you. It will become clear as to which number to choose.

0 = Totally straight. Only interested in the opposite gender. No thoughts or internal stirring for your own side.

1 = In your life there might have been a few people of your own gender that have excited you sexually.

2 = Periodically (up to four times per year) there is someone of your own gender either in person, on TV or in a movie or video that creates a sexual heat in you.

3 = Your sexual attraction for your own gender is between periodic and regular.

4 = You have regular sexual excitement for your own team but less than half of the time.

5 = The balance point. Your sexual thoughts, interests and stirrings are equally weighed between both men and women.

6 = You have regular sexual excitement for your own team and it is more than half of the time.

7 = Your sexual attraction for the other gender is between periodic and regular.

8 = Periodically (up to four times per year) there is someone of the opposite gender either in person, on TV or in a movie or video that creates a sexual heat in you.

9 = There might have been a few people of the opposite gender that has excited you sexually

10 = Totally gay/lesbian. Only interested in your own gender. No thoughts or internal stirring for the other side.

Fucking the Cook: North Dakota Oil Fields


Being bisexual means I float between ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ (men; women), just like the tides change, yin and yang and night and day. I was in the mood to be a cum dump, which prompted the short story, “Fucking the Cook”, published as many others have been, by the awesome gang at

That will either show up as a hyperlink or I’ve screwed it up again. Sorry.

Fantasies are great as well as Asian guys. I’ve baked them together into a story of a sexy, fem guy who hires himself to cook for 4 roughnecks (oil field workers) in the barren, and woman-starved North Dakota fields. What happens when normally heterosexual men have near-zero women around? Well, that’s why the term, any port in the storm, or, hey, do a bud a favor.

This is the most sex-filled story I have ever written and my publisher has seen fit to sell it under its “Stroke” line. Yes, that means you will likely take yourself in hand as you read. I’m talking to more than men; we know many women buy erotic fiction!

As I like to write, there are a few twists in the story, but I won’t tell here. (Yes, I’m a tease.) For $2.99 I promise a good time and a happy ending!Sincerely,


Exposing Myself (New Book)

I love to write and create stories from life. Well, don’t all authors do that? I add my sometimes silly sense of humor, the art of inventing words, and a significant dose of wise-ass to my stories so that I enjoy them, and to be honest yet humble, many others also find an interest and lust in them and that warms me.

I primarily write bi-sexual stories because I am bisexual, closeted for most of my life, out for 3 years, because I live in a safe part of the US (and the world) that doesn’t kill or drag non-straights behind cars.

If you’re interested in erotic (Yes, I mean horny, sexual) stories with a developed plot, please check out my new book, Hearts United. It’s a compendium of 8 short stories that is a coming of age for a young, American-born Italian lad who learns gay and bisexual conduct is thousands of years old, and that modern society sadly has reverted to a Dark Ages of sort by trying to make all of mankind gay or straight. Young Joshua DeAngelo is blessed with a loving, understanding father, and a dictatorial mother who lacks love and nurturing qualities.

Josh comes out to his best friend, Rachel, who lusts for his love. Josh does a men’s room hookup and falls for the guy, sexy Cole. In the end there’s an awesome 3-way that seals their love and friendships. Along the way Josh is ‘used’ by three college girls roleplaying as pirates, and Josh is seduced by a cougar (Stephanie) who teaches him new tricks, including orchestrating a 4-way with Cole, Stephanie and her client Torin.

The purpose of my life is to serve, and I hope I’ve served readers with this creation. I loved writing it and proudly, yet humbly offer it to the world for hot, steamy sexual entertainment. Why deny yourself anymore? Check it out :


David Sullivan
Proud author of a phenomenal publishing house, Love You Divine!
And remember, regardless of your sexual identity, we all came from the factory as we are!

Good Value! Not cheap, not free

Stereotype shattered!

Many people have the idea that e-publishing is free to do, and those involved in the process are raking in the money.

TRUTH: there is a bunch of money to be saved, but that doesn’t make it free. Humans toss around words without concern as to what he or she is saying. Well, sometimes, I don’t want to start another stereotype. Think of how often you use ‘everyone’ or ‘no one’ or ‘always’ or ‘never’ or ‘all over.’ That’s usually an exaggeration, but I digress.

The biggest savings in e-publishing is from printing & shipping. Other costs include, but not limited to: maintaining a website, email system (including dealing with security because we got spammed and hacked, too). There’s office space with associated utilities like phone and heat and snacks while we edit (that’s a joke). There is the publisher(s) (the person(s) who gave birth to the business), editors to ensure a quality product, sometimes sales folks, a webmaster or mistress, and the authors who write. Like in any business they share in the profits.

Most authors make little money, as low as zero to ten dollars per month. Remember there is a HUGE amount of competition and customers can be overwhelmed. It’s ok, we know and understand.

Why am I writing this? Because I told a friend my publisher is having a 15% off sale on EVERYTHING. Not just a few selected stories, but 15% off the WHOLE, FLEETING STORE! Why 15% instead of 25 or 50? It’s about balance. It’s a good deal for customers while still letting authors and the rest of the staff wring out a bit of a profit. Balance. The key to success in life.

If you go to a place with a lot of FREE it’s highly likely the quality is lacking. Just a fact (Ok, my opinion, but I speak from experience.) So, please have a go at it (as my British friends say), and check out:

I’d love it if you rushed to my stories, by David Sullivan, but we are a family there and care about each other, so, just treat yourself. Check out all the different categories from straight sex erotica to bisexual, gay, lesbian, trans, fetish, and a bunch more. I’m sure you’ll find something to please you OH SO MUCH! Did I say we care about quality?


New Bisexual Story

I’m proud of myself. I have a new story out.

Growing up I’d heard that pride is sinful. I now believe pride is akin to every other aspect, tool, or attribute: there’s a balance. Some pride is excellent. If it gets out of hand and becomes excessive it’s a negative.

Anyway, my story. It’s called Hearts United. It was published as an 8-part story and now that it’s finished my awesome publisher brought it together as a complete story. It’s available in print, or digital formats…..ohhhh, such an array of choices.

It’s about a young, Italian lad, 2nd generation, in San Jose, Califoria, circa 2002. Joshua, or commonly called Josh, is handsome, multi-talented, respected and bisexual. His dad is great and his mom a pill, filled with stress and an unhealthy relationship with death. Over a few years Josh collects an array of friends and sometimes friends with benefits. He falls in love with his best friend, and neighbor, Rachael, who, once she learns that Josh goes both ways accepts and nurtures him.

Ah, so much to talk about. There’s the tea trade (public bathroom) hook up that turns into a great friend for Josh. Cole also struggles with his bi-ness (I invented that word, thank you.) After some rejection by Rachel, they warm to each other, and all three end up in bed, including with a role-play scene. Josh also goes through a period of being loved by a rich cougar who leaves him when it’s clear he’s in love with Rachael.

I believe in short blogs so this is it. Please check it out: