Hillary Clinton Speaking Fees

If you missed it, this week there was a prominent interview with Hillary Clinton on TV by, I think, Diane Sawyer. Anyway, some time was spent to ask Ms. Clinton about the speaking fees she and her husband, former US president Bill C, are getting.

Really? Who cares. That’s been going on for decades or centuries. If someone is willing to pay and another is willing to deliver, who cares? Is or was the same flap being made about famous males?

I’m not a fan of Ms. Clinton. Never voted for her. Don’t like her. BUT, I am ALL for equality, less drama, and more common sense. We live in a capitalistic society. Get over it. Move on.

Thank you for ‘listening’.


Just Do It

I believe in common sense.

I’m not alone. I know that with everything I think, feel, or experience I’m not alone. Remember that when you get down on yourself, feel alone, or wonder how you could have done what ever it is that’s upsetting you.

We often spend too much time thinking about things. This is often the result of ‘Monday-morning-quarterbacking’. Actions, ideas, and goals are like a loaf of bread (Yes, I’ve been baking). Prepare, consider options, and then JUST DO IT.

You will either fail or succeed. If you take no action you are guaranteed to fail. If you follow directions the odds are you will win (succeed). If it’s not perfect, pat yourself on the back for the success and see how it can be better. Avoid berating yourself because it was good but not perfect.

Oh, when you are in the position to criticize others, look in the mirror after you do so. And remember, that could be you on the hot seat.

Compassion, respect, and understanding go a long way in human interactions.

With my respect and friendship,


Good for the Boy Scouts of America

What a wonderful treat! This morning the New York Times greeted me with an article reporting the Boy Scouts voted to allow openly gay youth members. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/24/us/boy-scouts-to-admit-openly-gay-youths-as-members.html?nl=todaysheadlines&emc=edit_th_20130524&_r=0

This has been a long time in coming. I’m reminded of similar events in history that allowed Blacks into the ranks of White organizations. Many encouraged it, some bemoaned the soon-to-occur demise of society. Black people were born black. Gays, lesbians and bisexuals were likewise born that way.

I’m reminded of singer Garth Brooks’ song, We Shall Be Free. Also of singer John Lennon, former Beatle, and his song, Imagine.

I encourage the Boy Scouts to allow non-straight adults/leaders, but I understand change comes a step at a time. It’s difficult for those of us who see the wisdom and commons sense in equality, but we must understand it’s  difficult for those opposed to it.



Hello world!

Hello World!

This will appeal to a small number of folks, but I’m offering insight, sometimes humor and a frequent wise-ass attitude on life. Since the alias I chose is “Bi Writer” many posts will involve sexual identity, specifically bisexuality. I feel it’s suffers from low respect from the world and that includes straight (heterosexual) society and sometimes gays and lesbians.

I love to write and share. I hereby render stellar support and respect, most certainly respect, for two publishers:

http://www.rdrpublishers.com who published my first book in 2009, on wisdom and common sense (Under my legal name of Jim Giambrone, Jr. Yes, I’m out as being bi.) Mr. Robert Reed has been publishing for 40 years. The author contract I signed required that we have fun!

http://loveyoudivine.com/  As with the above publisher, respect for authors and their works is high on the required list. If you want hot, well-written erotic stories check this place out. Yes, I have a dozen or so there. They launched their bisexual line with my first erotic story! BLUSH.

And thanks to WordPress for making blogs so easy.

Thanks for visiting. Respect and understanding, even when we disagree is critical to the survival of our species. Different is not wrong. Just because any discrimination or prejudice has existed for a long time does not mean it has to continue. Break the chain: Respect!

Sincerely, with my Respect and Friendship,

David Sullivan